Simplify Your Life with DeFi Indexes

Cook makes it easy to get into DeFi. Just browse and select a DeFi index that best fits your needs.

Get Started Right Away

A simple to navigate platform makes it easy to quickly learn about new DeFi Indexes and check their performance. No need to spend hours researching thousands of tokens, learning how to yield farm or chase the latest DeFi trends. Just select an index that provides exposure to a basket of cryptos.

Browsing Through Indexes

Here are just a few examples of indexes that you can select.

Crypto NFT Index
Crypto NFT Index
An index that is comprised of the top tokens from NFT platforms.
Yield Bearing Index
Yield Bearing Index
An index that includes stablecoins with a yield bearing component.
Avalanche Index
Avalanche Index
An index comprising of the most popular AVAX ecosystem tokens.

Just 3 Easy Steps

The Cook platform makes it super easy to get into DeFi Indexes.

1. Connect

Any popular wallet to the DAPP

2. Select

An index from a wide selection

3. Get

Issue into an index with a single token
Particle element

Try it Out Now

You’ll find that the Cook platform is easy to use and intuitive so you can get started right away. Welcome to a new world of DeFi.

Connect with popular wallets
Lower gas fee costs
Get 24/7 support